Bahir means bright light or clear in Hebrew, brilliant or dazzling in Arabic. For us, it refers to the clarity of intention, necessary to create a new reality.

Bahir Consultancy is here to support, make visible, and connect trans-formative projects around the world! 

We develop and offer tools that can bring clarity of intention, creativity and wisdom in the service of life. 

The tools we develop are inspired by social art, collaborative design, and awareness-based social research.

Bahir Consultancy is taking it’s first baby steps. subscribe for updates on future developments and write to us for possible win-win-win collaborations and partnerships.

uri (AT) bahir-consultancy.com

+39 334 283 4302

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Per favore, Uri, includimi nella tua mailing list.
    E ti volevo dire che mi trovo molto bene nel gruppo di sabato mattina.

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